Our office respects the rights of parents to make informed decisions regarding vaccinations for their children.

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Pediatric Services

A checkup for success!

The well-child exam is an opportunity to talk about questions and concerns you have about your child’s development, behavior, and general well-being. During your visit, we will discuss common concerns with you, such as your child’s eating, sleeping, and social behaviors, as well as any attention or learning difficulties. This type of visit differs from a “sick visit” in which you might take your child to our office for a specific problem like an allergic reaction, an ear infection, or breathing trouble.

Having regular well-child exams at which you can raise the concerns that matter most to you helps us know you and your child better and forms a reliable and trustworthy relationship.

Pediatric Services

  • Well-child exams, lab tests, and health screenings
  • Treatment of common chronic illnesses
  • Immunizations
  • Teaching families about normal childhood growth and development, safety, and nutrition
  • Counseling families about childhood behavioral problems or family issues that affect children
  • Assessment and management of acute conditions such as asthma, diabetes, sprained ankles, and developmental or learning disabilities
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